malfunction in embed image


Hi, the are a malfunction in embed image, i choose embed image but after sending the email , the result was email without embed image, please help me to resolve the problem.

Embed images only works for images uploaded with the template only, i.e: after you upload your zip archive containing the html and images, those images can be embed.
From 1.3.5 version, this is better, will work even with images uploaded via file manager.
However, it will never work with remote images from another server.
i need a help in this problem, I insert an image and the image receiving box does not appear
Hey man,
Thunderbird say to you: "To protect your privacy, Thunderbird has blocked remote content in this message"! Click 'Options' and allow display remote content.

Do you read what you see on your comp? :)
Hi, if i sent mail with other application i have a real embed image in Thunderbird "look the attached example",

Sans titre.jpg
Ohhh man....
If you add your email adress (the one you are sending a campaign with MailWizz) to trusted sender in Thunderbird - you will have a "real embed image".

Please, think a little bit and try.
Hi !
Our objective is to solve our current problem and thank you for your cooperation
we send the similar email from similar trusted sender, we test the result in different email client " example: outlook, incredimail, webmail,..." we have the same problem: embed image was inactive, but if we send an email from other solution email marketing we have an email with embed image despite that the email wasn't trusted sender
Plz view the 2 differents examples:
with mailwizz.jpg

an other solution.jpg

As @SQLIK pointed out earlier, this is entirely on your email client which blocks the images in an email coming from an address that it does not recognize.
Once you click options and allow images from that particular sender, then the images will display for future also.

There's nothing mailwizz can do against this, is all about your email client.

thank you to check out the printed screen test the same problem was in all emails client: for example outlook, incredimail, web mail, ... i will change my question : what is the role "Embed images" and what is the difference result if i choose yes or no an embed images
Sorry if i exaggerate to ask questions about the details because we manage many society interested in emailing marketing
No worries, if you ask me, you should avoid embeding images in emails anyway because if you do, your email size will be way bigger(think if you have 10 images, 1mb each) and can trigger spam filters and deliver very slow because of the size.
Embed images in mailwizz exists because someone thought they are a good idea, and they are for certain cases only, most of the time, just don't use them, will be easier :)
Thank you very much for your collaboration, your answer was very logic, we remark that the open mail was multiplied by 4 in disabled embed image mode, that we are very happy to this result
So i promise to give you our comments and our suggestions because we are very happy to work with mailwizz and we believe that it would be the best email marketing application in the word of communication
Congratulation !