Make a list in the forum with all compatible tools to Mailwizz


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Hi all,
it could be most helpful!
if we have a list with all compatible tools to Mailwizz
everything (some examples)
from SMTP servers, SMTP relays
from extensions all even in beta ones (some may want help more)
from 3rd party tools like landing page builders that are compatible with Mailwizz
from ... (add more yourself ...)
even "verified" - good reputations dev or technical stuff that can help.

I think more than an index (with links) that is monitored and maintained on a scheduled basis,
that benefit the most the users of Mailwizz.
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an example (please verify that the below tools actually are working and not in beta, the list is a result of a small internet search I m not using them and I m not a dev)

landing page builders