Maintenance Schedule


I have using MW since last 4 months and now the system already deliver almost 3 million email via Mandril web API.

However notice the loading after login is take longer than before.
It is same when you click on any menu.

Probably it is because of cronjob log file ? How I can delete it ?

Any other possibility or recommended maintenance activity require ? If yes.probably need anyone share the
process .
Most likely your database has grown a lot in these 3 months which is normal since mailwizz stores a lot of data in mysql.
Having a big database will also slow things down depending on your server.

The best thing you can do is to delete old campaigns.
When you do this, delete old campaigns, at midnight, mailwizz will remove those campaigns from database and all data related to them, which mean, you will get a lot of disk space and speed improvements.
I just have 3 customers. Do I need to ask my customer delete their campaign ? and imagine if 100 customers using my system ? is it practical way to ask all my customer to delete old campaign ?
@daris - well, it's up to you really, but i don't see anything wrong into asking your clients to delete older campaigns. You can as well allow them only to have X campaigns, that alone will force them to delete old ones ;)