MailWizz v2.1.10


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We are pleased to announce today we released MailWizz 2.1.10.
Here you can see most notable changes:
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version 2.1.10 - 2022-05-02
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added support for Embed Images for Mailgun Web Api
[BUG] - Fix a bug in the Symfony Mailer implementation for embed images 
[RMV] - Deprecated AppInitHelper::fixRemoteAddress 
[ADD] - Added options to tell the app it is running under a reverse proxy so that it extracts the right IP addresses for visitors 
[SEC] - Fixed a bug that allowed guest users to bypass the anti-brute login mechanism and do more login requests that allowed 
[CHG] - Changed the way we retrieve the IP addresses of visitors. See   
[BUG] - The search extension would show the search modal in the login screen when it should not 
[ADD] - Implemented backoff/throttle for failed login attempts
[ADD] - Added Warmup Plans for delivery servers, to build sender reputation over a period of time. See

Without a doubt, the most important feature we added is Warmup Plans for Delivery Servers. This is a huge feature which takes MailWizz to the next level, which will allow you to improve your sender reputation over time, automatically. Big thanks to @ghimes whom implemented most of this feature.

Another important change is the IP Detection changes we had to do, please make sure you read about this as well and take proper action if needed be.

Thank you.