MailWizz Running Very Slow


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I am trying to runa fairly high volume of auto responders through MailWizz and recently I've noticed that software is starting to slow down a lot. I was using a 4 core / 16gb ram droplet and thought it might be running out of memory or not have enough power so I upgraded the droplet to 48 GB / 12 vCPUs to see if that would help and unfortunately things are still very slow (maybe its still too weak?), even after turning off all the APIs feeding data in to see if that might have been the issue.

To describe the issue in more details, logging in takes about 15 seconds, loading a list can take 30+, and clicking around to various things can generally drag quite a lot. I'm wondering if there's some settings we might have on our server or within the software itself that can help tune it for this kind of load. We're attempting to send about 150k auto-responders per day + some followups here and there with campaigns or 7 day later autoresponder openers, etc...

I hope that's an adequate description, please let me know if there's anything we can do.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We hadn't tried those optimizations, but they did help a lot. We'll try tinkering with it some more, its still a little slow but miles faster than it was before.

Good tip for the RAM, we'll check that as well.

Thanks for the tips @twisted1919 !