MailWizz Partners with JA - DevOps company to provide High-Performance Hosting


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We recently partnered up with a company based in Australia and New Zealand - Jonah and Associates DevOps Consultancy to offer high-performance MailWizz Hosting.
While MailWizz's focus is to remain a self-hosted email marketing platform, we wanted to provide those customers who primarily want hand-offs management to experience what our software offers. So we are pretty excited to share this Hosted MailWizz partnership with you.

Hosted MailWizz platform has one single requirement before signing up. You must buy your own license via Envato Marketplace. JA does not purchase a license on your behalf, and neither would they charge you separately for it. It is to your advantage to buy a MailWizz license yourself since if you want to move from Hosted MailWizz to Self-Hosting, you can easily do that by resetting your license key.

We have seen hands-on the work of JA and their team in their use of MailWizz from sending millions of emails with ease.
Our teams worked together at one stage for helping improve the MailWizz code to deliver a staggering ~3M emails per hour, which is insane.
You can read more about their offering on this page. They provide you with a fully installed, fully configured, ready-to-use platform with login credentials emailed after setup. They ensure your platform is highly available, secure, and performant. In addition, they also take care of server updates/patching, firewall, caching, CDN and provide you with marketing consultation and custom extension development.

While we are excited about this new partnership, please be aware that JA DevOps Consultancy is an external independent company - it is not part of MailWizz or its ventures. Therefore, if you have questions or issues with their offering, please directly raise a support ticket on their website. The Hosted MailWizz pricing and other information are available on their website.