MailWizz on HTTPS

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I got an issue when running mailwizz on HTTPS. it keeps just loading... please check the img attached
when I inspected it says:
Uncaught TypeError: $(...).slimscroll is not a function

SlimScroll should be defined in that file, in adminlte.js, that is, if the file hasn't been changed in any way.
Try various browsers, see if your anti-virus blocks something (some block some cloudflare, etc), perhaps your firewall or router acts on certain protocol versions, or try from mobile.
@Jesse James - i am developing mailwizz using https if that makes any difference.

Well. Than thats makes the difference. the problem than its on my side. i remember i had the same issue way back before. but i could not remember how i dealt with it!

i will try to figure whats causing it. if i came with a solution i will up date it here!

Anyhow thanks a bunch for the help. Have a wonderful day!