Mailwizz New Bug Detected


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Hello bro @twisted1919 ,
I trust you are doing great, just detected this bug in the latest version of Mailwizz.

I and one of my friend using the app with me on my server started a campaign 2 days ago with 978k+ subscribers. See screen shot via , .

It was unfortunately that, after the campaign got sent to 400k+ subscribers, it automatically mark the rest subscribers as "Blacklisted" and also change the
Estimated completition rate to 100% sent so far, that is 466,236 out of 66,254 .
See screen shot via
The funniest part is, we could not find those blacklisted of the rest subscribers at /backend/index.php/email-blacklist/index .

Please how do we fix it?

P.S: This bug affected all the customers on the Mailwizz app. I have just getting complaints now. It even affected my list there. If this can't be fixed, i think i urgently need new updated file to export blacklist and also ability to take action on "Matching Result" after searching for batch of subscribers status so that i can just export and then delete the blacklisted one on the list and then re-import.

Looking forward to read back from you.

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