MailWizz (MW) and WordPress (WP)

There is a wordpress plugin somewhere I believe, you might want to search the forum and, pretty sure @twisted1919 has referenced it before.
and how can I do that?

Most of the plugins connect with an API to email services.
MailWizz has an API, but I have no idea how it can be used as it is not integrated anywhere.
You can create your own zaps, if you sign up for a free account you will see the options available. If you look on github at the MW API examples you should be able to work out how to inject subscribers from your blog into MW. There are examples on zapier on how to do such a task.
OK, I had a look and this seems too complicated... for me.
Can you point me to the page/code on github that would do what I want to do?

There are WP newsletter plugins that would do that well, but it does not make sense to have a separate list on another system. Having the list in WP would be ideal.

Thinking of hiring a developer to integrate this.

Using zapier doesn't require coding. It doesn't put the data on zapier it simply pushes the data to the destination you setup in it. In this case you would have a trigger that then initiates an action. So when someone signs up for your blog it pushes that persons data to your MW list.

The php-sdk with examples can be found here
Thank you for the link to the doc.

I understand that Zapier needs no coding, but I do not see any "MailWizz" icon for the action app!
I see Aweber, GetResponse and others...

I do not see how this can be done in Zapier unless they add MailWizz to their collection.

If someone has done it I would be happy to see how.