MailWizz + MailGun = 26 emails sent, the rest always goes to GIVEUP


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I did 5-6 tests with 50 subscribers and using MailGun (free version). Each time I thought half the list was bouncing or not working because SENT would say 100% and DELIVERED would say 26/50.

So it seems like there is a limit of 25 emails in a blast, then when the 26th one hits...I get put on a pause and the remaining 24 emails go to GIVEUP status.

1) MailWizz - I decreased all my sending limits significantly - made everything send only 10 emails at a time, 10 per minute, 10 second pause, etc. Still no fix.

2) MailGun - I went to look at MailGun's logs to see what was happening - it seems like those additional 24 emails never even hit the MailGun servers (or they hit and immediately got held back due to limit/quota?). When I told MailWizz to resend the GIVEUPs, then I saw MailGun list those additional emails.

Does anyone know where this 25-26 email limit is coming from?


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Disregard...limits are from MailGun. They do it for your safety to warm up the domains etc. They just don't tell you exactly how many will be within each limit.