MailWizz Integration with WordPress

Harry Smith

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If Mailwizz can be integrated with WordPress cms... it will be better to handle Landing page, Pricing page, payment page etc.

i have no idea how it will happen... but if it's happen.. it will be better.

Benefit With WordPress:
1. We can get good landing page also there are many drag and drop wordpress builder too.
2. We can build high quality pricing page.
3. KB Articles pages
4. there are many Support Plugins that can be use to provide support.

Things need to be done.

1. Account Page And Setting Need to be moved in wordpress
2. MailWizz App can be launch from account page in wordpress or users can visit directly to mailwizz app login page.
3. Payment Integration with Account in wordpress.

i do not have road map for that... it just came in my mind and i am sharing here. i belive there are many things need to be done.
While this is generally a good idea...
...some might say that mwz is considerably more complex than wp...
...and hence integrating mwz into wp is like putting an elephant into a mouse ;)

It would of course make the things you mention easier, but it would also give mwz much more applicability
(as millions of potential users would see it in the wp plugin listings) :)

Any thoughts, @twisted1919 ?
A CMS is always used for any web application. sometime peoples use wordpress as cms and sometime they develop it's own. however, mostly developers customize wordpress on their need otherwise they also use wordpress.

yes, it is like putting an elephant into a mouse. But it will be like putting elephant into mouse only, when we talk about PORTING mailwizz into wordpress. But Integrating it with wordpress is just for Account Management and Billing, And Support.

You will see same in mailchimp, aweber and many other site, not just email services site but all other online app like, OptinMonster, Moz and many product... all those product have CMS. however it's look like they are using customize wordpress or custom cms.

CMS is the only solution for for best Account Management and Billing etc but i suggest WordPress, because it is easier to integrate and wordpress is the only best CMS.

@twisted1919 thought will be helpful.