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@Eris - I have contacted the original author of the manual, maybe he can provide us the source. I'll keep you posted if he gets back to me.
i send you an attached of my panel so you can see what i am talking. i clicked on the lists but there is not ant import box showing. What should i do to get the import box showed on my dashboard panel? please, help


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I wonder if anyone out there has a really in depth list of all the great features (from a customer point of view) in text format?
Hello @george ,

Have you configured this from your backend? ,

Also, you may want to configure it for each of the Group you created for your customers at your backend too.
After configuring the aforementioned , login to your customer area or impersonate any user, then click on "lists" under "Lists" by left side of your screen. , then click on any of the list "overview" there you have previously created and want to import to.

Proceed forther to click on "view" under "Tools" y the right side of your screen... .

You would see the Impor/Export/Copy options there. Please see screen shot here===>

Let me know if this answer your question.;)

Thank you
@DasGoot , please clarify, do you mean customer area tutorial in text format of Mailwizz app?

I think i created a video for my customers earlier this year on how m customers can use Mailwizz app at the front end.

Thank You!
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