Mailwizz Campaign: Sending is stuck at 63%.


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I use Mailwizz version 2.0.28 with Amazon SES.

I loaded 3000 emails in my regular campaign and I first noticed the sending gets stucked at 31%. I had to pause and unpause several times before the Sending progress could get to 63%.

I use Mailwizz personally and I barely send campaigns. (Even though this is not the first time I am having this issue)

I read previous threads of similar problem and I followed this procedure > backend/index.php/settings/cron > I increased "Campaigns at once *" to 250

Nothing has changed. I have to sit down with my PC , Pausing and UNpausing several times in order to get to 100%. I need an automatic solution this is exhausting.


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Hi, i have the following issues. I have send about 1836 emails out of 55k emails list. It stop and pause
Please advise what is happening?
I will need to pause and unpause and update the campaign again. please advise as it is quite irritating for me. It is suppose to upload and let mailwizz to auto send out by itself