Mailwizz as an add-on to an application. Looking for some help/recommendations/opinions


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I have an application that currently has email features custom built into it but since finding Mailwizz, we have decided that it will save time and money to just use MW and build extensions to achieve the full feature list, rather than continuing to build it completely custom.

Because my application is already mostly built and customers are using it, I am trying to go about this in a way that can be done quickly at first, and then have my developer build it the proper way later.

The quick way that we had in mind was to just install outside of me application (i.e. in /email) and then make both applications look the same so that the user does not see a difference when going back and forth between the 2 applications.

The only issue is that there would then be a separate login, which is not user friendly at all. Does anyone have an recommendations on how this might be done so the customer does not have to login again?

I know this is not necessarily a Mailwizz issue, but hoping maybe someone has done something like this before.