Mailwizz App settings help with SendGrid


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I have a license to intgrate with SendGrid. I have instructions but cant seem to find where I log into the Mailwizz App to set server info. I am not a techy and this is becomming overwelming.


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I set up SendGrid today. It looks like you need to put in the API Key ID in the user name field, not your login user name with SendGrid. Also, the API key has different permissions within SendGrid. The default is Restricted Access. It didn't work for me until I changed permission to Full Access. Now, with full access, maybe the login user name would also work but I didn't try. I only know that API Key ID + API Key + Full Access permission worked. If that's the only way to make it work, the on-screen help and the KB article should be updated.

BTW, all the screenshots in the KB articles appear really small and hard to see. It'll be more helpful to make them larger.