MailWizz Api - How to Get Going


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I have downloaded the latest mailWizz Api, and installed it on our web-server. When trying to run
It does not seem to do anything - I get a blank white page.

My directory structure is as follows

On the setup.php when I echo:-
require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/../MailWizzApi/Autoloader.php';
I get
Which did not seem right, so I corrected it to
require_once ('../MailWizzApi/Autoloader.php');
Which loads the auto-loader

// configuration object from examples/setup.php
$config = new MailWizzApi_Config(array(
'apiUrl' => '',
'publicKey' => 'PUBLIC-KEY',
'privateKey' => 'PRIVATE-KEY',

// components
'components' => array(
'cache' => array(
'class' => 'MailWizzApi_Cache_File',
'filesPath' => '../MailWizzApi/Cache/data/cache', // make sure it is writable by webserver

I have made cache directory writable with # chmod -R 777 cache
I have tried to use publicKey & privateKey from the installation, no difference

Any pointers how to get the API examples going?

Thank you.