MailWizz and Elastic Email WebAPI


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Does anyone in here use Elastic Email WebAPI with MailWizz? If yes, i have the below concerns if you can please advise:

When sending newsletters using the Elastic Email API and checking it on mail-tester, i find 3 different domains captured for the newsletter as below:

[domain 1] (this is the landing page link from the newsletter html)
[domain 2] (domain on which MailWizz is installed)
[domain 3] (delivery server used in MailWizz)

Is there a way to avoid getting the mailwizz domain published via Elastic Email? as you can see [domain 2] is the server on which mailwizzz is installed and i would not like this to be seen by anyone ... any thougths or any way this can be tweaked?

Any other ideas/suggestions for using any other smtp provider for a better result?