Mailwizz and Dyn Delivery Server

I'm trying to setup a Dyn based SMTP server. I was happy to see that MailWizz supports Dyn through API natively. However, I;m getting an error message when doing the validation on the delivery server.

Error in cURL request: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Does anyone have any idea on what is wrong and how to go about resolving it?

Thanks a lot!
I actually don't see any SSL settings on the Create New Delivery Server form. I have used the Dyn Web API to set this up.

Is there another area where I can set this up?

Vpul Shah

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Enable mod_ssl in Apache and php_openssl.dll in php.ini.

Also check SSL bundle - ca-bundle.crt and update it with latest.


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@Joseph Ollero - seems to be an issue with the ssl certificate on your server, maybe they expired or something, so try to renew them and see if that fixes your problem.
Do you have an example of the ccurl command and parameter that is used? It would save me a lot of time of I have that while I'm checking instead of doing the delivery server validate process.
Or better yet, is there a line where I can modify to bypass SSL checking for mailwizz? I understand its not a good practice but I just need to make this work at this point.