[MailWizz 3.0] - Should it require its own server to run?

Should MailWizz 3.0 require its own server to run?

  • Yes

    Votes: 12 54.5%
  • No

    Votes: 10 45.5%

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@redpill - the idea with docker containers is that the setup will work the same no matter your vps provider, you'd just run a single command from command line and the script we will provide will do the rest, auitomatically.
However, please read the above replies, we will continue to offer MailWizz as we did do far and additionally, we will offer the containerisation option.
You can always require custom hooks(actions and/or filters) in the app if that makes your life easier and we can add them if they make sense.
That is how we've done it, we have added our own custom filters to minimise the amount of code we need to change in mailwizz.
Our filters are in the API.
We needed to add the ability to search between date ranges and other additional fields, sort by different fields, increase the maximum page length more than 50, plus we also needed to add some extra fields to the output. While this was primarily for the subscribers end point, we did this to all end points that return paged results.
To do this we needed to add three filters:
- One filter before ::model()->count($criteria); to modify the $criteria with new search parameters that will affect the count.
- Another before ::model()->findAll($criteria); to modify $criteria again with page length and sort order changes
- And finally a filter before $data['records'][] = $record; to modify $record with any additional fields we needed in the output.

If you feel like it is useful to add these filters that would be nice! but I understand if that doesn't make sense.
@bolty - Do you think something like this would do it:

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 12.39.32.png

I haven't had a chance to discuss it with the other team members, but I thought I'd show it to you for some initial debate.
For the above, for each new filter hook, the 'list_subscribers' part will change depending on the collection resource you try to access, i.e: campaigns, lists, templates, etc.
@bolty - we have merged the above changes in the master and will be available in the next release, here's the full changelog for them:

[ADD] - Added api_{campaign_bounces,campaign_delivery_logs,campaign_unsubscribes,campaigns}_collection_{min,max}_records_per_page filter hook 
[ADD] - Added api_{campaign_bounces,campaign_delivery_logs,campaign_unsubscribes,campaigns}_collection_{count,find}_criteria filter hook 
[ADD] - Added api_{campaign_bounces,campaign_delivery_logs,campaign_unsubscribes,campaigns}_collection_{record,data} filter hook
[ADD] - Added api_{countries,delivery_servers,list_segments,list_subscribers,lists,templates,transactional_emails}_collection_{min,max}_records_per_page filter hook 
[ADD] - Added api_{countries,delivery_servers,list_segments,list_subscribers,lists,templates,transactional_emails}_collection_{count,find}_criteria filter hook 
[ADD] - Added api_{countries,delivery_servers,list_segments,list_subscribers,lists,templates,transactional_emails}_collection_{record,data} filter hook
Not completely related to this...but if in version 3.0 you can make the open rate and CTR as close to accurate as possible, it will help a lot
Hello everyone,

In the near future we will start planning for MailWizz 3.0 and we need your input on an important matter.
We're thinking to use containers via Docker for MailWizz 3.0 which would give us full control over the environment where MailWizz is installed and will allow scaling much much easier.
This will also mean that we can always use latest technologies but also various programming languages for MailWizz, without worrying that the hosting environment is missing features that would help us make the most out of MailWizz, which in turn translates in a much better experience with MailWizz from all points of view.

That being said, depending on how we architecture this, it means we may not be able to support shared hosting anymore, but rather you'd have to install MailWizz on its own server, be it a VPS or a dedicated server.
We would provide the installer, so everything would be done by running a single command in command line, which would be much simpler than what we're doing now, so eventually, things will be much simpler for you as well.

Please answer the poll below so we can have a better understanding of your needs.
Thank you.
I am not familiar with Dockers, we prefer to continue using cPanel to host MailWizz, works very very good, easy tools to backup, move domain, portable, easy restore, etc. Please keep the option to continue using cPanel or traditional php installation, thanks.