MailWizz 2.0 is here!

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Hello everyone,

Today we released MailWizz 2.0.11, which is the first public release for MailWizz 2.0 (2.x branch).
Please read this release announcement in order to understand what to expect now and what to expect next.

If you decide to try MailWizz 2.x the only thing to keep in mind is when upgrading from 1.x, you need to disable any extension that you added in the application, then upgrade the application and then make sure you get updated versions of your extensions that work with MailWizz 2.x, but all this is explained in the above article and of course in the updated upgrade instructions.

MailWizz 1.x doesn't go anywhere, you will still receive regular updates and support for it, just no new features, so there's really no rush to upgrade if you are happy with how MailWizz works for you so far.

That being said, I want to address special thanks to everyone who believes in MailWizz and of course to our team @ghimes and @laurentiu which helped a lot with the work on 2.x branch so far.

Thank you!
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