Mailwizz 2.0 - How it is possible to send one campaign to multiple lists?


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I don't find any solution how to send one campaign to multiple lists.

We have 4 different lists of company customers and some campaigns should sent to all of theme.

Is anybody here to help us?

Thanks a lot.
@cs4web - create campaigns for your lists and put them in the same sending group when you create them.

Hey There @twisted1919 Good Sir Twisted so I have a few questions on how this works. Let me do my best.

So I have 3 lists, in each list we have 2 segments, 30 day openers, 45 day clickers, of course, the clickers are duplicated in the openers. I know your set up here now de dupes them. So here goes.

--** 1. The campaigns you are talking about, we call emails, but I get it, the whole thing that you do to send an email campaign, so they are dummies in a way, we are NOT really going to send those, so I made a place holder email campaign, then replicated it via copy 2 times, so 3 of them total, and

On Each one I chose the Send Group named Deploy I had made, and I selected 1 list, and then a segment in that list. Technically I have to really actually make 3 more dummy campaigns, since each of the 3 lists have 2 dynamic segments each... Am I right so far.. ? I do the same thing each time, choose send group "Deploy" and select yet another list and segment combination. Then hit next, save, save, next till it's done.

Each time I do this I see the campaign count for the send group go up by 1 campaign. So now it's at 6 total, and I'll make a 7th dummy to add in our test seed list also.

Ok same 7 dummy campaigns, the Deploy send group is now showing count 7.

--** 2. Now I will make a REAL Email campaign, Named "11-4-21-OC" with a template, content, subject, from, etc. all the settings and so on, and in the first section, Details, I input for send group "Deploy" . My understanding is this means that ALL 6 list segments will be sent to, plus the 1 single plain test seed list we have in the Deploy group. If I am NOT mistaken, this should MEAN:

When I hit SEND from doing the above, it will send that 1 SINGLE , REAL Email Campaign , named from above: "11-4-21-OC"

and then ONLY "11-4-21-OC" email will be sent to all the lists and segments, de duping, but NOT having to create a merged list. All unsubs, clicks, opens, tags, automation actions will happen internally inside each respective list like it should! .. Right ?

--** 3. OK THEN! So from NOW On, if I want to send to those 3 lists with 2 segments each, and test list, well, SINCE the send group "Deploy" has those 7 dummy campaigns in it with the list/segment combos, I do NOT have do ANYTHING else anymore, besides, make a new campaign email, so tomorrow Nov 5th I will create "11-5-21 OC" and I just choose send group on the first Details tab to be Deploy,

AND Done! It will send to active/confirmed email subscribers in all the right lists and dynamic segments for as long as I wish, and they all stay up to date, and if I want to add another list or list segment, I just make ANY campaign, or the same dummy send group campaign, choose that other new list or list segment, and choose Deploy send group, that would then be 8 campaign count showing in it, and boom, done, hit send, it goes to uniques done..

--**4. FINALLY, and LAST !!! What I NEED to really know, what we ALL NEED to and MUST know, is that this does NOT mean, that all those silly dummy Campaigns we made just for the sake of selecting a list and segment combo in each are going to be sent, .. so what I mean to ASK is to confirm, IS THAT THOSE place holder email campaigns will not each be sent each time to any list or segment, because, we are NOT using those campaigns actually, they were and ARE ONLY for attaching the right list/segment of users to the send group, we will use, and that send group, will then RECEIVE at that time, ONLY the actual Email campaign we are in actively hitting send on to all those list segments.. ... CORRECT ?

--------------------------------------------____________________________________________________ THE BELOW Has to do with OLD MailWizz 1.0xy days:

(-- Back in the 1.xy days, with add list segments, extra recipients, taking all lists and segment combos and making a new merged list every single time, was a serious issue right! ? It would de dupe, and not double send, BUT if on that list that was just created from that, we did not have it set first and made, to choose unsub from all other lists when unsubscribing from that list, then were the unsub links and opens and clicks being tracked in that new merged list and back to the originator list/segment the users came from? I mea I see the merged lists view only, you look and each has it's own unique list id, and I went and found the SAME email address in each new merged lists created from segment combining, de duped or not they each have a new unique different ID for the same email address user on each unique email... Now if a unique email address can have as many unique email id's in mailwizz as you have merged lists, they all reference the same email user, and back to the list it came in, so they hit unsub or open click, and the actions show and track back to the list segment from which they came to be in the merged lists each time, then great... IF NOT does this mean some of us using multiple lists and segments in the older 1.xy versions of MW kept sending to users who had hit the unsub or our openers were not be counted each time back to the list they originated from ? .. NEED to know, cause on another ESP internally, not MW with smtp or api relay, we had 0.012 complaints and 34% opens on gmail, then on Mandrill in old mailwizz 1.0 version we hit 3.6% complaints and I wonder if it had to do with not unsubscribing them, mailing with new opens clicks, or if it was double mailing them.. ? )


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I'll do my best to answer the above given I have a very hard time following what you wrote, sorry :D
I am not sure why people have a difficult time with sending groups, I thought this new feature would make things easier, not more complex :p

Anyway, here's some things to keep in mind:
1. There are no such things as dummy campaigns, if you create a campaigns targeting a list/segment, that will be sent, so beware of that.
2. If you want to send a certain campaign to X lists, you will need to create your initial campaign, and put it into a unique sending group. Then duplicate same campaign as many times as needed, each time only changing the list/segment.
3. Sending groups need special attention, make sure you name them in a way so that you don't reuse them by mistake when you should not, because that will filter out emails and you might not want this.
@twisted1919 YOUR SYSTEM, your Platform MailWizz, is actually Brilliant, I Just had to step back and fresh slate, eliminate my past concepts and operations, and look at it as it's own animal of a platform, and I see now. Here you live in lists... Infusion Keap, you live in Tags, there is no such thing as a list there, AWeber each list is like it's own sub account and sender, kind of like mailwizz, and things like the standard esp's usually are all about Segments, and segments look at all subscribers and lists as a master db list , but Mailwizz is about LISTS and then moving people when they do something, then in the list for that action title, tags, and increments, and only send to actives by dynamic time interval.

Wow, I have to totally re write this, I see and found the use for send groups, but it's all about LISTS LISTS, LISTS..., and tags using increments and moving upon actions, they come in on a list, they open, they get increment by 1 added to open increment, they are MOVED from that list, to or copied infact, to the opener list, and inside the opener list you have operator all, increment open is great than or equal to 1 (MAKE SURE TO SET DEFAULT as 0... null empty will not work) , then say has opened day is less than or equal to 30 days, then you'll only be sending there to a single segment, which is net 30 day active openers, make sure on each list, you hit the IF THEY UNSUB from that list, they unsub from all lists, and the move automation will lose past opens or clicks history but seems to keep unique id, but list is different, so the unsub from all, is KEY for compliance.

Then NOW if an opener CLICKS something positive, you Graduate them to a clicker! with clicker_increment increase by 1, ok, so that has to ALSO MOVE Them from the opener list to the clicker list, so they NOW do NOT exist in the opener list, they are only in the clicker list, so you have your clickers that clicked, and your openers that opened, but never have clicked yet.

I set to give 30 days for an opener to open again, if not they will not be sent to, and they will in another segment, and that segment, will be moved to another list of invactives, and or purged.

The clickers list is special, they are click increment is greater than or equal to 1, and date last opened all campaigns, is less than or equal to 45 days. I give clickers more time to open again, of course, if they click again, same deal all good, to click they must open, so they stay in the active segment. Again same here, if they unsub to be safe, unsub from all lists!

Now clickers I will have an inactive pat clickers segment, and have those moved to a past old clickers re activation flow that has a delay, to rest them for 15 days, then run them through a reactivate campaign, and it starts over!!! If they do not open or click in 5 emails, they are purged out, but if they open same deal increment open up by 1, they have a field they were reactivated also so you know, like clicker reactivated, they move to the opener list again, but if they clicked they would by pass that and move to the clicker list of course, and same deal as before, if they open they are moved to opener lists only, if they then click, they are moved out of opener list again back up to the active clicker list, but this time as a reactivated clicker field with them.

So all in all, I ENTIRELY had to just STEP BACK, and stop going back to my nearly 20 years of esp experience, and say, stop! Do not try to apply past systems and logic to Mailwizz, each is unique, act like I've never even used an esp before, identify objectives and then figure out the way this system would do that best! the safest, with most precision, and automated as can be.

NOW send groups, have a use for us, which is make a campaign email, a real one you want to use for OC (openers clickers) and replicate it. Make send group each day, so like OC 11-5-21 , select it for each campaign for the list with segment ... the clicker list with segment active, and openers only list that is active in past 30 days, and then hit send from either campaign, and each will get the same email, no dupe issues, and all is well!

Next day, make send group 11-6-21, repeat, 11-7-21 send group next day, probably clear them out from time to time. They are for us mostly on broadcasting that is just a one time thing. The list and segment inside each list, and the email campaign, will still exist with no send group that it was tied to, and you'll be able to see the metrics still in stats.

This seems to be the way!!! I love that people who say I want out or to report, hit a little link are moved to a you're outta here list, and unsubbed from all others, great!! and now with our api endpoint getting done, real time work flow stats for the auto responders by date range by each email, not accumulative all time that is really not useful at all, but hey, Mailwizz gives you open access, and all the raw data..

Now we can see all money spent on leads, al rev streams, and opens, clicks by source , email domain, and more, in one spot in our own platform to optimize things when we go into mailwizz! ;)
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but Mailwizz is about LIST
That is correct, MailWizz is list centered not subscriber centered. There pros and cons to both approaches.

pleas see above, I had to entirely re write, man, wow, my eyes are open, I see now.
Seems you pretty much got it this time around :p
This is why I always say to spend time with MailWizz to see how it does things. There are a lot of features in MailWizz that were inspired from other platforms, but with added simplicity.
Indeed, I did I believe. One thing that is really intense, that most other ESP platforms do not require and are more lenient or forgiving with is that you can go back and retroactively get information and do most things past the fact, out in the future, so with segments and reporting etc, and use those to add mass or bulk tags to everyone who clicked or opened in a list, time frame, or email campaigns, etc. on all lists or segments of similar on most all things, but the one thing in Mailwizz, that BECOMES very very Mission Critical is that YOU NEED to be Really 90% or more PROACTIVE, and do these things Ahead of time, WHILE you are setting up Before sending an email campaign or setting a AR series work flow live, and it's at the email level itself.

So the if they open, then move them to this list, and copy to this list, and when they are moved to this list, subscribe them to this other list, and if they do open and or click, then increase the open or click custom field increment by 1 etc. and if the unsub from this list, unsub from those or all lists..

So IF you failed to do some of these things up front, PRIOR to the sending or automation rule taking place, the tag would not be possible to go bak and find the people to add it to, or move them, copy them, sub or unsub them from this or that list, etc. later on after the fact later down the line when the email campaign had long since been sent..

NOPE in this case, the REAL important stuff for this, ALL truly NEEDS to mostly be done before the emails themselves are sent.

BUT the Really AMAZING and great thing is the efficiency an speed of this, and the fact that it is BUILDING your list, segments, tags, and doing the subscribing and unsubscribing group rules as the triggering action events take place. .... SO THAT when you go to send, you can already see how many people will get the email, and in a send group then simply be replicating the same campaign to a list or 2.

It is REALLY cool, and amazing, and powerful to have things filtered, and done in real time almost as things take place, the ONE thing is that you as the super user or with your team, WILL NEED to ALL be SUPER Double triple fail over safe checking, and have protocol check list in place, to be 10000% sure you do not miss these things in the set up, and if you can save them all in a template, then do so for sure and be sure to update and perfect it and always use the most recent current version.

BECAUSE IF you forget, it will NOT be easy or if not that, EVEN possible to go back in time and get that history later on, after the events of the send has taken place.

So in summary, the benefit, is when you need to go send to certain people, the work has already been mostly done on who to send what to, but the flip downside is if you forgot to pre set that up, there may be no building that list of subscribers by identifying them later on retroactively.
@twisted1919 Hey there my good man. So one thing is that now when I have actions against for openers and clickers, it's great that they get copied over to the other lists, and I had to do that, not remove, or else, a person could come in and open or click, then be MOVED over and removed from that list they came into on their subscribe action, meaning they would then not received the next 16 days of their workflow, or you call it auto responder series I guess.

Ok the other issue I ran into, but I get it now, lol..., is that if I have a list rule set to unsubscribe the user from the other list they came from on the action when copied over, then they could not be sent from there if I did not use the newer list they were moved to based on their open or click.

The other issues, really a HUGE amount of work, is that every single replication of an email campaign when I copy it for the send group usage, when you choose a different list or segment in a different list, now all of the set up configuration is GONE, so the open increment increase by 1, sent increment by 1, copy to openers list, and then all the click update custom fields or actions against, on like 4 links 2 x sections there, ALL have to be redone OVER and OVER and OVER, and you have to make a send group of course, and well.... it's a TON of work!! I get it is the architecture, but here is another issue that is HUGE that I ran into, but I want to run this work around to you.

So when people are moved or copied into the openers list, and all clickers list, etc. when I run a segment there like sent increment is more than xy and fields are this , no issues there, all fields, but when I put opened any list campaign value is less than or equal to 30 days, I get nothing of course, because at this point , NO ONE even though moved from an OPEN action, will SHOW as an opener in this new list they were moved to!! So eventually when I get to 30 days or 30 sent increment, I could do an exclusion to say do not send if over 30 for sent increment and no opens for 30 days, by going campaign open value greater than 30 days...., but then nope, THERE IS no exclusion !!!

and I did the opener segement in the openers list, well then until they open again, they would NOT be sent to, but cannot use that segment till I send to the whole list for a while to get them show opens there.

So it's a nightmare still really in a lot of ways, this system is so complex for this use, and so many steps and 8x the work setting up a single send, that should only be 1 campaign, yet I get why it is not, lists are like their own isolated accounts, but really should just honestly make more customer accounts if they are totally separate, so HERE is what I DID to over come the not sending to inactive people, only active, even though I still have to deal with the rest of the laborious tasks required..

In the all subscribers there is no choosing custom fields, or dynamic anything, so that was no good, and I give up there cause just date ranges are available for time periods, ...

SO I did this to GET out the INactive users so we do not send to them

Inside each list, I have a list called, inactive purge. For openers it's basically they get 30 sends, and if no opens in 30 days they qualify as inactive, and clickers list I give 48 sends and then if no opens in the last 45 days, bye bye.

No I cannot EXCLUDE those segments and I cannot INCLUDE only active segments in those lists as I said above, and I cannot have them all go into a list by copying and exclude them either, but here is what I thought up.

I made a new list called INACTIVE Purge to Unsub. I have it set so that if ANY subscriber is subscribed to this list, they will be Unsubscribed from ALL other lists basically.

And in that INACTIVE Purge list each time before we do a send, each day, I use the list tools from within that single list to COPY over subscribers from the Inactive purge segments in each LIST to this one.

WHEN that happens!! BECAUSE the LIST I am bringing them into via this copy is set to unsubscribe them from all the other lists, in this way if I do this on each list segment in each list from in the inactive list I set up then ALL inactive subscribers will be Unsubscribed and we won't send to inactive subscribers.

However, after doing all of this, I now realize that honestly, I really should just try and FIND a way to only use one single list, and just have segments within it to send to instead of multiple lists, and then of course I can still use the copy and unsub from all set up I just did to purge users that are inactive.

But if the send group thing is necessary and if I do not have to change the list, only the segment, and maybe that will not re set all the set up and click automations, then that will be way faster.

However, I REALLY DO NOT SEE why in the WORLD if within one single list!!! Internally WE CANNOT JUST SIMPLY Select MULTIPLE Segments WITHIN the same LIST on the Same Email campaign to send to!!! Why!! ? Why can we not just do it that way? Or why not have exclude a segment or list.... or use the words and with or, not the operator up top so it's just ALL and, or ANY - / OR for all conditions, or any, !! ?

Why is the system like this. ? And why not condition sets or groups in segments... So one group can be this and this and or that, then next group joined with the word OR and then any subscribers in either group in a single segment are there, they all get sent to ? or Even if you did the groups in segments and each group could then be the ALL or Any operator, that could work to.

BUT having ONLY , ALL vs ANY in a segment, with no groups, then NOT being able to EVEN send to more than ONE segment in a group without a send group and multiple versions of a campaign, just seems like it's all soooooo hard when it should not be, and allowing or doing any of this would not or should not be difficult or put compliance at risk and not affect isolating lists.... but instead make it possible to operate FULLY on a brand / domain within a single list, by segments having groups, operators separately, and sending to or excluding more than one segment at a time.

For LIST exclusions, well that's easy, just put them in a suppression file!
I agree it should be simple enough to send to multiple segments within a list? Just a dropdown/checkboxes to select which segments to include in one email. Or tags would also be useful, e.g. send to all users tagged X,Y,Z etc. I can't see that this is possible nay way at all.
I know I know!!! So one thing you can do, and yes, not tagging... they are not TAGS!! They custom fields that are merge codes, but then again the are also tags in a way for half or the spectrum, in that you can do things like open_increment as a custom field you use, or say horoscope_clicker if they hit that, or Virgo_clicker or something and change to =yes, or no, or increment by 1 each time, and so then have a segment that says if they are in the list and scope_clicker is great than 0 or whatever 2 or where you want, then they will be in that segment, and the message sends to them at a delay or after a certain message is sent, or opened, or clicked, then it will trigger, or you have them copied on a click or open, or whatever to another list where they get an email and another flow automation, etc, ... and then have the list rules settings unsub anyone from all the lists they are in if they unsub fron one, or if they want to be off 2 lists, but keep getting the 3rd they can do that, etc. or you can have it in the list settings in multiple ways... So... despite the ability of real true usable solid segements like most systems, I am finding with sync, and with copy over a segment, and the ability to have all inactives go to a list nammed inactive that then unsubs them from the othere lists daily keeps list hygiened, and active, and if you want to send to clickers and then openers, instead of all at once, then first clickers, use send group, then 5 min after that send it done have the openers set to go,and then it will de dupe the clickers that were also openers out... And then the recurring advanced messages are also cool, and the ways I can also keep from having multiple lists to trigger things, such as if a sub does this then add this field value, move them out of the list to the other, wait 5 min, send this and then after that MOVE them back in to the other list they had been moved out of, so it puts them back, and only there, but keeps moved copy for historical stats... Which then check it out, they are added back to the list with confirmed status not moved now, which can then re trigger a new flow, in the way a tag does, so it kicks em out, loops em back in! and boom it works!!! Laslty the ability to hit copy and replicate servers and do domain groups, and keep flows always going and reserve volume there and on large normal broadcast sends or deployments, limit that to 85% of your volume you have with a relay service, so you never use it all up in a day early where then real time subscribers or trigger automations would be delayed.... till volume re ups and resets... So despite not having many of the basics we are use to, I see that in a much more advanced and complex way... , which is a learning curve, and no dang manual, or way to learn and verify without doing a real test to know and see for sure, ... MailWizz does usually have a combination of crazy intricated chess moves you can have set up to automate and execute some pretty wild stuff to get those results, and many other things and tools that most other platforms do not have, ... plus having open source, for api end points and custom tracking for time date ranges, and all the stuff it is missing, makes is possible to build out the rest the way you need it if you have development in house, for all the stuff you must have that it does not... So it is kind of a 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other, but if you have the will power, time, and some resources, then this platform really can do nearly anything .... but it's not so straight forward or basic, and you always have ot find the lowest processing overhead way to do it so things to crash and burn and fill up ... so server settings and more with being really efficient with all the logic you have going... is critical. So yah, this is really not for basic users who need the stuff we are talking about and cannot do it all and lack resources to. But if you do, the more work more reward is there!