Mailgun missing from sending server options


has mailgun api been removed from the server options?
For some reason I don't see this when trying to create new server and I also don't see it in settings - customers - servers

I can add mailgun as smtp, but how do I handle bounces then? No clus ... where has the API option gone to?
I have PHP Version 5.6.39
and no bounce server setting is shown in delivery server setup for mailgun or sendgrid for their web api
they do show for regular smtp
@ed08724 - this is because for web api's you don't need bounce servers, we process bounces and complains via webhooks.
After you create your delivery server, try to edit it and from the edit screen, click the INFO icon from top right corner for more information that you have to do for that particular server.
For mailgun, mailwizz can add the webhook automatically using their api.
For sendgrid we can't do this, but the info from the update page contains instructions on what to do.