MailerQ WebAPI and MailWizz


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I bought and installed MailerQ MTA and must say it's awesome MTA
I have connected it with MailWizz and it's working fine.

My question is,can MailWizz processes MailerQ log files through API and read bounces from there automatically ?
@tim - Mailwizz has a special integration for MailerQ, it has a special delivery server type you can choose when adding a new delivery server.
Also it has a command line daemon to process the bounces that come from mailerq, that is:
php /path/to/apps/console/console.php mailerq-handler-daemon
Make sure you're using and you'll get this integration ;)[/code]
Hi twisted.
I have and integrated with MailerQ,wasn't aware of that commend though.Will try it and get back to you soon.
@tim - you don't add that to cron tab, it is a daemon, not a cron job.
You can start it and send it into background with:
nohup php /path/to/apps/console/console.php mailerq-handler-daemon >/dev/null 2>&1 &
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That daemon reads the results from the 'results' queue of mailerq, so do you have that queue active, does it received emails?
This doesn't matter. The daemon uses the same connection as the delivery server, so it should work just fine.
Look into your mailerq and see if the results queue is populated and if there are connections to it.
Also keep in mind that in mailerq, since it is based on rabbitmq, if you read a message(consume it) then is gone, no other subscriber to that queue will ever get the message.