Mail stuck processing

Britt Malka


I updated MailWizz to version 1.5 today, and the two mails I sent are stuck processing at 63% and 68%.

I've tried to edit them and send again. I've tried to pause and resume. And I've tried just resuming.

But they are still stuck.

Any ideas?
What does your cron job history say? (Backend -> Miscellaneous -> Cron Job History)
Is the send campaign command running?
You can also try to use the verbose send campaign from CLI to figure out why campaigns are not sending
Yes, the send campaigns are running according to the cron job history.

Verbose? CLI? You lost me here. Where do I fiddle with those settings?
@Britt Malka - When emails get stuck in processing for a very long time, go to Backend > Misc > Emergency actions and reset them, that will put them in sending status again.
Keep in mind that between the upgrades, some libraries might require newer versions of php in order to work, this is why you have to check the changelog and see what changed.
Thank you for your replies.

I found an older message you've written and enable error logging from the init.php file, and that showed me one problem - a file with 000 instead of 644. That made me able to verify the mailgun server again. (I'd deleted the old one, since it seemed that it wasn't sending, and made a new).

We have PHP Version 7.1.12, so that should be good.

Now I'm uploading the upgrade again, in case more went wrong earlier. But it takes around 5 hours, so I'll have to try again later today.