mail servers not obeying sending rules


I set up mail servers to target specific domains. I followed the instructions given when you hover over the info box. I wanted the following delivery server to send only to yahoo, so I added an allow on yahoo and a deny on *. But as you can see in the next image, it delivered first to gmail and then next to yahoo.

What am I doing wrong?


In the same mailing, another delivery server that is supposed to deny sending to sent it to


I have each delivery server set to send one an hour (new IP). So it will take a long time before I get more data about it.
To test it further I cancelled the campaign and remade the same campaign, but didn't select to randomize senders. Unfortunately the result is the same. The delivery servers aren't obeying the rules and sending to domains even if they are in deny list.
No, I have no customer groups created. I am the only person using it, so I just have the customer account, and the delivery servers set up in backened with the rules.

I would think delivery server rules would be universal for whoever uses the delivery server. The server delivery rates are being followed (1 per hour at present for 5 delivery servers), but the domain rules are not being followed.
One more test I will try, I will send the same campaign but not limiting it to people who opened a past campaign.
Apparently all sendmail delivery servers share the same quota and domain rules. I have 5 servers set up with different names and server numbers assigned. If i set each to have a quota of sending 5 messages per hour, when I check delivery logs only 5 messages have been sent between all 5 delivery servers instead of 25. The domain rules also seem to be mixing causing servers to send messages to domains they are supposed to be denying.
This function does not work correctly - do not suffer and forget about it. Believe my experience and confirmed by the developer’s jan
Thank you for confirming. I was going crazy testing this. Finally I gave up.

Wish I could use PMTA but I can't afford it.