mail sending quotas

jody nesbitt

New Member
Is it possible to control mail sending per server by quantity as opposed to % probability.

This would be really good to help ensure allowance usage,

mail could then be sent in a "round-robin" type setup until quota's are used up, thereby splitting individual campaigns across multiple send servers
When you create a delivery server, you can set it's hourly quota, doesn't that do what you are after?
i mean for example i have :
account 1 which has 12000 free emails and then $10/1000 after,
account 2 has 2500 free and $20/10 000 after
account 3 has 40 000 free and $20/5000 after

so being able to set these quantities means we can better control the costs of outgoing mail
Mailwizz price plans don't work like this. You can assign a free plan to any customer but then if that customer has to go to a price plan, then he should buy it manually, the system doesn't automatically knows that he is in a 12k free sends and then has to charge $10 for next 1k afterwards.