mail problem that does not reach

kemal turgut

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I bought your system a while ago, but I couldn't install it, I set it up today.

I have installed Amazon Sas, everything seems to be fine, my test e-mail has been delivered, too.

I made the server installation from the admin panel, it sent a test e-mail. There is no problem here, too.

I did what is necessary for the user and sent a test campaign, it says outgoing is 3, but there is no incoming or outgoing mail in my test mail address.

I ask for your help.
@kemal turgut - what is the exact status of the campaign, is it pending-sending? Did you add the cron jobs in your cpanel when asked to do so in the install process ?
okay, so the campaign sends the email, but you never receive the email, is that what you're saying?
Please take a look in Backend > Misc > Campaign Delivery Logs, do you see the success status for the emails that went out?
I think the reason for not sending, what do you say?

// amazon ses warning...
Your Amazon SES account has "sandbox" access in region US East (N. Virginia). With sandbox access you can only send email to the Amazon SES mailbox simulator and to email addresses or domains that you have verified. To be moved out of the sandbox, please request a sending limit increase. Learn more.
Can't find your existing account settings? Your account may be set up in a different AWS region. Try switching regions in the upper right corner of the console.
@kemal turgut - have a look at this print from your screenshot:
Screenshot 2019-09-27 18.52.29.png
It says the email address is not verified, which means in your delivery server settings you have set the "Force FROM" option to Never. You should switch it back to "Always" and then sending should work. You should also make sure your sender email address, the one you use in the delivery server settings is a verified email address with amazon.