lot lot lot problem with the template builder

Can you refer to the file attach, I have list all the problem that I faced what I use the template builder.


  • mailwizz problem.pdf
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Thanks for pointing out. Since the builder is not created by us but by a 3rd-party company, i'll have to take your concerns to them and have them fix the issues. It'll take a bit of time, hopefully they'll get fixed in the next release. I'll let you know when this is done though.
Thanks for your reply. You know what, actually I like Mailwizz because it's easy to use but when it comes to this drag and drop part, some of our customer has started to make a comparison between another software. Hope this can be fix asap. :)
Hello Megat ahmad mustaqim, I've created few conversations with you about below issue, but you didn't reply maybe you didn't see them((, can you please describe what components have you used at 1 issue from your mailWizz problem file? We have tested it and didn't find. Thanks for feedback.
@Megat ahmad mustaqim - @alexsprings - represents the team which works on the drag and drop builder, so any insight for him would help us a lot, they've been great so far listening to all the issues we had and they fixed them all, so all we have to do is to tell them the problems and they'll take care, so if you can jump in and give him your input would help a lot.