Looking to hire someone to install Mailwizz (and give support if needed)

Mike Bittner

New Member
I need help on several items

My initial install was done across 3 servers by an IT guy who is no longer with us

Our MailWizz application currently touches 4 servers

One is a dedicated email server with 4 clean IPS to send mail

The code is located on a 2nd server

A 3rd server I think holds some kind of token that is needed by the application. It currently wont send If I power that server down

A 4th server has the bounces email address set up

  • Review current MailWizz application and upgrade

  • Decide if everything should be on 1 server and if we should keep existing mail server

  • Review that all feedback/bounce/unsubscribe links are correctly done

  • Review past logs for suggested improvements

  • Implement strategy to separate super clean email lists from untested lists so we don’t run into blacklist issues

  • Advise on strategies to get more emails delivered

  • Review why bounce emails go to a 4th server and why they are taking that mail server down

  • Review and fix issues

  • Discuss setting up spark.com as our clean email sending server