Looking for someone to set up two Postal MTAs


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What I need: two MTA servers set up from scratch with Postal. You'd get newly spun-up VPS servers and root logins to work with.

The servers (postal1.example.com and postal2.example.com) will be fed by Mailwizz at the root of the domain (example.com) on another server. The MTAs will only ever be used by Mailwizz and will transmit mail from a range of domains. I'll handle the setup of the Mailwizz server -- this gig is just for the two MTAs.

I've set up MTAs before and, if this was a Postfix setup, I'd be done with it in 20 minutes. But for some reason I can't get the hang of what Postal wants in terms of DNS entries -- I can get a server up and running but it has various DNS issues. All DNS for example.com will be handled on my end -- I just need you to tell me what entries to make.

As part of the project, I'd like some notes or consultation on what I was getting wrong about the process.

Vpul Shah

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If you are facing Postal DNS issue, I can help you for correct entry.

PM me details.