Looking for some training / consultation / documentation on API usage

I have been using Mailwizz for last 2+ years but have been unable to use its APIs till now.
Never understood why Mailwizz API need some SDKs/Wrappers and setup for usage.

I have user other REST APIs earlier and they are as simple as passing over some parameters from any language and get the results.

At this point I am looking for some training / consultation / documentation on API usage.
Need a document to setup Mailwizz API step by step to the point where it can be called from any language (Shell, Perl, Python, .Net, Java) without any further coding.
Hi Twisted,

Yes, I have seen this but I could not make out much of it as I am not a developer/programmer
myself. Though other APIs (please see attachment) seems very simple to a non-programmer,
this document does not enable a lay person to understand Mailwizz API usage.

I have to leave number of big project till now as I could not convince my clients that
Mailwizz API are good enough to be integrated to their system. Sorry if I sound a bit frustrated
and I know I am missing something and may be Mailwizz APIs are also simple enough to be
called but I surely need some help.

The link you gave the setup instructions start with these and I don't what is an auto loader
class and what to do with PHP SDK after downloading.

Require the autoloader class if you haven't used composer to install the package
require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/../MailWizzApi/Autoloader.php';
Register the autoloader if you haven't used composer to install the package
If using a framework that already uses an autoloading mechanism, like Yii for example, you can register the autoloader like:
Yii::registerAutoloader(array('MailWizzApi_Autoloader', 'autoloader'), true);

Currently I am working with a client where we are replacing Mailchimp with Mailwizz.
They have a very complex integration between their different components done in Python
and their developers are telling me that Mailwizz API does not have official library for
python so they can't use it.

I spoke to two different developers from Upwork and both of them said they can do it in
PHP but don't know how to use it in Python.

While the screenshots which I have attached I myself have written shell scripts to use them
and need to do the same with Mailwizz.
Screenshot from 2019-07-01 12-11-07.png Screenshot from 2019-07-01 12-10-48.png

Looking forward to your guidance/help.

Well, i think the problem here is mainly that the API as the name says ( Application Programming Interface ), is targeted to developers.
Unfortunately, there is no easy way around this. For people that know programming, those pages do make sense.

their developers are telling me that Mailwizz API does not have official library for
python so they can't use it.
This is indeed a problem since we only have a single API client and that is targeted to PHP.
There's this example https://github.com/thangtx/mailwizzphpapi-wrap which shows how to setup a proxy between mailwizz and then call that proxy from any programming language.

I'll be looking around, maybe i get ahold of someone knowing python which can help with the API client, or i might as well do it.
Just aheads up, @ghimes (thanks for the effort :D) is like 90% done with the python sdk. We'll make it available next week most likely.
Then maybe Go and Ruby as well, i just have to convince him to spend the time :p