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at meenya there is a memory limit of 500 mb now, I rebooted all over again, the same problem.
as I expected the problem with loading graphics is present in other places of the problem. I uploaded the picture - the result is as in the screenshot
it is possible that this is due to the fact that I have 2 domains on the server, and uploaded to 2 domain is not a priority, something with paths ...
memory good
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@ltdviso - That's weird, maybe indeed is a problem with the permissions. The files are resized at /frontend/assets/files, so can you try and chmod it to 0777 recursive and see if that works?
yes this button works correctly, in previous versions, as far as the other one is concerned.
But I'm still embarrassed why the topic of the visa itself does not load into the admin not the user. Php norms, that's for sure.
Okay - I will be interested in other issues now - as we already know your system on other versions (they gave us to use) there a lot of questions were on the limits, policies were not worked out, etc. We will try this version clearly on ourselves - we hope for help on all issues.
p / s we do not have a standard config, the function Power MTA is done by the administrator in manual mode and by himself MailWizz
If there are thoughts of solving pictures - please let me know, I'm not selenium in technology therefore I can not find the reason.
And until the last I hope that you understand the normal translation of Google, I translate - then not what I do not understand that it is written :)))