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I am unable to login to Mailwizz. This morning on using the program (while logged in) I made some updates and then tried to send a test email, receiving a server error 500 problem. I then logged out, hoping to reset the program by relogging in. But the system does not recognize me and when I ask for a new password, nothing appears (I get the green
  • Please check your email address.
message but no password appears anywhere in my mailbox and yes, I checked to the best of my ability the spam filter.)

The login issue appears to be a problem on both the backend and "customer" end of the program.
Following the failure to set up a test email, I set up a test campaign -- emails were "sent" but and are marked "delivered" but the log says
TEMPORARY-ERROR and I doubt they went through (I certainly didn't receive my email). I am stumped.

(I also temporarily disabled the internal spamassasin to see if this was the problem; no change in circumstance, still getting "temporary error" and inability to deliver emails.

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Further to the above, I've spent the day struggling with this issue and have not resolved the problem. I thought the problem may in part relate to security software (wordfence) that might be setting up a firewall on the account. I deleted the program and believe I cleared the firewall. However, on restoring things, while I can now access both the customer and backend (under the original version) I cannot for some reason connect to my email server.

The error message I get is:

  • Connection could not be established with host mail.cnrgp.com [ #0]
    Log data:
    ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport
    !! Connection could not be established with host mail.cnrgp.com [ #0]
There is no change to my knowledge in the server account, ports, or anything else. For some reason, Mailwizz has lost the ability to communicate with my server and of course therefore it cannot send emails.

Can you help me out of this mess.
With some help, I was able to solve the problem. Among other errors, I had set things to generate a tracking domain code which of course didn't work properly without the proper tracking domain. We also reverted from SSL to TTL and the original domain, and cleaned up other things -- but the work-through caused me to be aware of another problem; the lack of DKIM and the fact that this lack is causing deliverability problems with some services especially Yahoo.

I will open another thread to ask for some guidance about DKIM implementation
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