Logic bug in FBL processing?


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I am using the feature to move a list subscriber to another list upon open.

In one of these cases, the subscriber opened the email from the original campaign which moved them to my 'openers' list for this campaign. They then reported the email as spam which caused Yahoo! to send a notice to my FBL email address (which is setup and working in MW). The report was processed (it was deleted from the mailbox upon doing so; my confirmation of processing by MW) but since the subscriber was moved to the new list, nothing material occurred. The subscriber was not unsubscribed or deleted from the original list, nor was it unsubscribed or deleted from the 'openers' list which he was moved upon opening the email which was subsequently reported.

Did I do something wrong or is there a hole in the logic?
I think in this case, what should happen is to leave the subscriber with the "moved" status in the original list and unsubscribe him from the list he was moved into. I'll think about it though...
I just had this occur again. After the last time, I changed the setting to 'delete' the subscriber upon FBL processing, and the same behavior was observed as the first time (when it was set to 'unsubscribe').
Anybody who complains should be added to the blacklist so MW then doesn't mail them whatever list they're on.

If you are using the software to sell AR services, then ideally we want a global blacklist (like we have) and a customer blacklist too. This has other implications though and I know twisted1919 is thinking about it :)