Location of CSS styling for subscription confirmation page?


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I've styled out a couple of our pages with custom CSS and HTML, so I get how the styling works and generally where to save it (/frontend/assets/css). However, I cannot seem to find, either in the forum or elsewhere, where the CSS comes from for the subscription confirmation page. I've tried using the same setup I did for the subscribe page and the unsubscribe confirmation, but all I get is a red screen. I can't figure out why the styling is different except that it's being pulled from a different location than /frontend/assets/css. Does anyone have any ideas??

Active Subscribe Page: https://app.areimail.com/lists/ae6011wdppda6/subscribe

Attached is a screenshot of the confirmation page.



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I think I figured it out... the styling for the subscription confirmation page is located on the same style sheet as the subscription page. It's located under this property: "body.act-subscribe_confirm". Since it was a different page, I was expecting the styling to be in a different location.