List subscription page as the landing page?


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I'm a new user and I don't run a marketing business. I only use it to send emails to my list and I only have one list. Really simple. I'd like to make my list subscription page the landing page for my MailWizz installation. If someone goes to, I want them to see the subscription page to sign up. I added a simple redirect in my nginx config:

location = / {
return 301 /lists/the-list-unique-id/subscribe;

It works, but the browser URL shows the list's unique id and all. Is a way to make the browser not show those? With a different nginx directive? With some changes in MailWizz?

I know I can create a custom landing page from reading the KB article. I can perhaps copy the HTML from the list subscription page into the custom landing page, but I'd like to simply show the page without copying. That way if I make any changes to the list subscription page it will automatically show up on the landing page.


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@tfb - just use a iframe with 100% width and height and embed the subscription form in it, then just put that iframe in a page where you wish. No need for hacks :D


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Thanks! On second thought I changed the redirect to a WordPress site, where I already embedded the subscription form. It's much easier to make a landing page there.