List sharing among customers


We are using mailwizz in the company, so that every department has different mailwizz account (as a customer).
I give every dept. separate (customer) account, so that every dept. can manage their lists and campaigns.

Now, in one of the accounts, we have launched a campaign, and setup it so that when someone opened or clicked
on the message, they will be moved to another list.

The process is like this:

Suppose we have a main customer account for the company called "Company Main acc".

and we have another customer account for employee called "John acc" with his own list.

- He launched a camp for list called "John_list"
- When the camp get opened, subscriber move to list called "John_list_Opens"
- When the camp get clicked, subscriber move to list called "John_list_Clicks"

Now, "John" has a list of opens, and a list of clicks.

We want to have a way so that when subscribers open or click on John campaigns,
they will added or moved to the "Company Main acc", not only to "John acc".

I mean, we want to the open and click lists of john, to be added to the company main acc too.

Is this possible?