List of Tags in "List Page Types"


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Is there a list of tags we can use in the "List Page Types" pages?

And is it still the case that we can't use Twig in those pages?


@Colin - Tags available for each List Page Types are displayed if you click on the info button, see the screenshot:
Screenshot 2020-03-05 10.54.27.png

Yes you can use twig but make sure you have Template engine enabled, you find this option here: Backend > Settings > Campaigns > Template Engine.
Thanks for that. I'm on 1.9.4 and I don't see that when I press the info button. I guess I just need to update as it was added in a later release?

Good news about Twig in those pages. Will make what I want to do so much easier!

Well I've just updated to the latest (1.9.6) but I don't get a list of tags when I click the info button, I just get...


Am I doing something wrong?



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@Colin - You have another info button a bit lower before default content, if you click it a popup will appear and then you can see tags available.
OK I've got twig working in some of the List Pages but not all of them. It seems like those that are going to become emails accept twig syntax, but those that are for display in a browser don't. For example: -

Subscribe confirm email: Works
Welcome email: Works
Subscribe form: Doesn't work
Subscription confirmed: Doesn't work

What I am trying to do is change the Pages so that the customer's logo appears at the top of both the emails and the subscribe/unsubscribe forms etc.

I work out the URL of the logo to display and generate the <img> tag from the name of the list, using twig. But for those that are pages viewed in a browser rather than as an email the twig syntax just displays, rather than the output of processed twig. Suggests to me that maybe browser pages don't go through the twig processor?

Any guidance welcome!

@Colin - I think you are right, twig is parsed just in the emails for now, actually, this is just a happy coincidence as our main goal is to make twig available just when sending a campaign.
Now, related to the tags, i get that you construct the image src like:
<img src="{{ LIST_UID }}.png" />
For those pages where twig does not work, why not use the regular tag:
<img src="[LIST_UID].png" />
Any reason?
Yes I can see that would work, and I will probably try to use a variant of it in the short term.

There are a few of problems with it from our circumstances.

We are trying to integrate this with an existing system, and the structure of that makes this problematic. We run a software as a service system for hundreds of customers, varying all the time. Some come, some go. We are trying to give them all their own mailing list capability, but automated as far as possible so they don't need to think too much (they aren't that computer literate).

First off, each of our customers have their own directory, and in there are their assets (header images, logo's, footers etc., all specific to their branding). The assets are all named the same (header.png, footer.png etc. etc). What I really need to do is just figure out the folder name. I could do that from part of the address, or part of the mailing list name etc. (for example we would mandate the mailing list names insisting they contained the folder name in some way). Then using a bit of twig code twig we could easily construct the URL for the asset we want.

Second problem with using just Mailwizz tags is we would have to create all those assets with the name [LIST_UID].png and stick them in a common directory and that would be an ongoing requirement. We also wouldn't know what the name would be until we had actually created the lists. If the customer had multiple lists we would need multiple .pngs, even though we want the same image all the time.

Having twig enabled would allow us (I think) to solve all these neatly. Can I ask why you don't like twig enabled in this area? Is it a support issue? I haven't looked at the code but I think it would be reasonably easy to implement to feed the data through twig (after your tags are resolved). Maybe on the screen that enables twig you could have some text saying that as twig is a third party offering you cannot offer support for twig related issues? I think having twig in the these circumstances would open up all sorts of possibilities and make mailwizz more powerful.

Oh, and just as a final thing. When you use the [LIST_NAME] tag, you don't really get the list name, you get the list display name. I'm thinking if I could use twig then I could encode my folder name in the actual list name (with some unique data after a - maybe, so the list names are unique) and then I could have as the display name a more human readable name like "CUSTOMER LIST" or something rather than "CUSTOMER LIST-foldername" which is a little ugly.

Hope that helps,

Maybe to clarify that a bit now I have re-read it. We wouldn't be using twig just to replace tags, we would use some of twig's logic capability to extract the folder name from the list name. So if we named the list customerlist-foldername-timecreated (time in there to avoid collisions) with a display name of "Mailing List" we could split on the - and then use array[1] in twig as the folder name to use in constructing the URL.
@Colin - You make a good case for it. As i said, the only reason for why this hasn't been implemented yet is because nobody needed it till now. Now you do, so we will make this happen. Let me go over this and see what is needed and if all okay, i'll implement it and let you know.
Excellent news! Any help you need testing etc. just ask.

Alongside this could you implement another tag to get the list name rather than the display name (I'm sure if you change what the LIST_NAME returns it would cause all sorts of havoc, so another tag would probably be best)?


@Colin - Please open a ticket because i need to give you a few files and tell you where to place them. Please also make sure you are running latest app version.
Alongside this could you implement another tag to get the list name rather than the display name
We'll be using: [LIST_INTERNAL_NAME]
Sorry, out of inspiration.