Links set with drag & drop builder doesn't work in Thunderbird and web version neather


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When a campaign is sent, all links (on buttons, text) are set with drag & drop builder doesn't work in Thunderbird. It is shown like were not set any of them.

When it is open from, links works but when clicking on web version, links don't work neither.

MW version: 1.5.1

I attach the videos in where you can see about the issue:
On gmail links work ->
On Thunderbird links don't work ->
On Web version links don't work ->

Thunderbird version: 52.5.0

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If it's any help, the link is there:
Screenshot 2018-01-22 21.50.48.png
But the things is, somehow in the design, the style went a bit weird and now the left column tops the right column thus the right column is not clickable anymore, see:
Screenshot 2018-01-22 21.51.57.png