Linked images / reverse proxy


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We have an issue with linked images with the following setup:
Problem: when a campaign is sent, all linked images included in sent e-mails have a URL of the following form: http://MACHINEB/newsletter/frontend/assets/files/customer/hs426wz7cx29e/Banner_Newsletter2.png
So, all the images have a link which refers to the machine B, which is not accessible from the Internet. SO images are not available.

Is there a proper way to solve this issue, like being able to set the "image base URL", or something else ? Is there a canonical way you would recommend for a setup with a reverse proxy ?

Ours needs:
  • One public machine, acting as a reverse proxy. Does not hosts any application.
  • One protected machine, accessible only by the reverse proxy and intranet adresses.
Thank you in advance for your answer.
@forsit - This is happening because machine A does not properly forwards the headers to machine B, which is typical in such setup.
Nginx gives you a few options to forward this info which then machine B can fetch and use.
You can also create a new file called init-custom.php in /apps/ folder and force $_SERVER['..'] values there.