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Hy guys,
I need to inventory all my MW setup and associate each of them to original license key.
Could you tell me where I can find the actual license key of an installed MW ?
Here's a trick, right click in that field, select inspect element, then change the field type from password to text, and you'll see the password:
Screenshot 2019-10-21 14.50.45.png
i've forgot. 1 last question.
The license key, are saved in database or not ?
We would implement a replica db ( actually only 2 BE database ) with +2 FE behind a LB ( each FE must own the proper license key, right ?) and if the license key are saved onto a table of a DB probably we must have only 1 license for all FE and not 1 license for each FE .
Could you let me know?
Ok, but can i have 2 web frontend ( different ip ) load balanced with the same license key?
Web1 :
Web2 :
LB : <— also public fqdn
The license key at which IP would be assigned?
@nemesis82 - You'll need a separate license for each install you do, otherwise you'd get just a single license, the one in front, and then have hundred servers in back running mailwizz, which wouldn't be quite fair. This is why to simplify things, we always say you need a separate license for each install you have.
Hi laurentiu, thanks.
Yes, i have 1 license for each front end but in backend i have a cluster conf.
I need the license only for “licensening compliance” but i don’t need to register each FE with own IP/license ( in the BE i have only 1 database ), right?
@nemesis82 - If you have a separate license for each frontend, you should be fine afaik. If more details are needed, i think you can ask Envato too, just to be sure you're fine.