license and multiple ips


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We'd like to host a mailwizz instance on a (mesos) cluster.
This cluster has many public IP adresses ( with dns load balancing, failovers, dynamic zones ), so we cannot "link" a single IP with the license.

Is it possible to link the license to an url instead of an IP address ?
Not quite, you need a separate license for each public facing ip address where mailwizz is installed.
This is not fair, having one license per public ip is a non-sense when using public CDNs, anycast / geo / latency based dns, etc ...
Not just for the cost, but also because public ips can change at any time, we cannot have reserved public ip(s) per instance.

Please consider adding a license model suitable for dynamic environments, based on trust or cryptographic signatures, not on network topologies.
@smol - i'm actually not setting the terms... since i am selling through envato, it's them who set the terms, so best maybe is to have a talk to them :)