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Hi is posible in mailwizz add score to the contacts?

like if open the email add 5 point
if click the email add 10 point ???
I think its not possible currently. I believe you can check which campaign has a specific subscriber opened. or check list of all subscriber who have opened/clicked a specific campaign(s).
Clearly this would be a good feature @twisted1919
Perhaps a field type for numbers and the ability to use basic maths on them will do?
(but this is less urgent than the compliance features)
yes i try mautic, i really like it but the script fail every update. i get mad and buy mailwizzz

Ok, well, my point was just that there is a tonne if things that many wants to get in to the Mailwizz app and everything can't be done of course since we have 1 * twisted, so given that I personally think that sticking to the fundamental functionality of MW is preferred instead of getting a set of, not-so-related, new features in. That way the high quality will remain and twisted's time won't be fragmented on a wide diverse set of features, but of course that's not up to me. It's just an opinion.

On the other hand, what we are doing is just that, we build the functionality that we need for Mailwizz that is not already there, in the form of plugins (features or integrations) and a theme. This decision is partially based on the hope that the core of Mailwizz will be developed with the same high standard of quality as it's been so far. (I see Mailwizz as a platform/framework with a set of awesome features that we can use to build new features on. I believe that I have saved something like 15,000 hours in development time by using MW).

Initially I had a plan to have lead scoring in MW be built by my team incl. a workflow editor, but we will most likely not do that and instead choose another platform for that. Mailwizz is awesome/outstanding for one set of things and I think it's better to keep that focus instead of introducing too much other stuff. (I should also mention that my ideas of lead scoring would be to use all existing functionalities and our extra add-ons to build these scores (e.g. our e-commerce integration, social media integration, CRM integration etc) so it would be quite extensive and what we have right now is already extensive.

There is another thing with this and that is that when things like what is mentioned are integrated to a system that can manage on it's on (i.e. MW), it actually makes it dependent on other systems. This in turn will result on new requirements on uptime, hardware and service levels. It's not just the functionality, with it follows new challenges.

Next month I'll share u a project for manage that integrated in mwizz, lead scoring, tracking user, workflow..

Awesome! You seem to do something similar to what I had planned.
Good luck!
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Hello Niko, I've visited your website and it's very interesting. How can it be integrated with mwizz? Do you have some documentation? I'll book a trial.
is very simple
For integrate LeadBI with Mwizz you need to customize link url into Email Editor as that:


so after domain just need add [B]?utm_email=[EMAIL]
if you need help ping me[B][/B]