Layered Popups with mailwizz integration


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Hi there,
Im using layered popups plugin on one wordpress install. There is with this plugin a mailwizz integration. With the latest release of this plugin (6.42), i can't connect the list on mailwizz (1.6.3) trough Api. After setting mailwizz install api url, public and private api key, it is impossible to enter the list ID into the plugin settings. I get the following message instead:
CHttpSession and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named “setCacheLimiter”.
see screenshot

If i rollback to the previous version of the plugin, everything's works fine.
The plugin owner say that it should works .

i found this into the mailwizz application log:
[error] [exception.CException] [] exception 'CException' with message 'CHttpSession and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "setCacheLimiter".' in /data/sites/web/xxxxx/www/xxxx/apps/common/framework/yiilite.php:714

Anyone know what this message mean in this case ?

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Actually CHttpSession does have that method.
if you open /apps/common/framework/web/CHttpSession.php can you see at the end of the file:
* Set cache limiter
* @param string $cacheLimiter
* @since 1.1.20
public function setCacheLimiter($cacheLimiter)