I've installed mailwizz but something weired happened. Please Help!!


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I've installed mailwizz and then i opened the installer
When i added the database into the installer the screen freezed then it took me to login page
I checked the database everything is correct in it but now my issue is
the installer didn't ask me for email login info so the Software installed without email address and now it ask to login with an email address and password so the fix is as I think
I need to manually enter the login info to the database mw_user
If somebody can share an example screenshot of his mw_user it will fix the problem Please Help!!!
@Ali505 - That means your installed failed because your server decided it takes too long and it simply killed the install process.
You need to get in touch with your hosting company and tell them to increase the timeout values for PHP/Apache and MySQL. This will make sure the install process finishes properly.
After they do this, you need to drop the tables in that database and also remove the apps/common/config/main-custom.php file.
Doing this will allow you to run the installer again, this time without issues hopefully.
@twisted1919 how to stop the force [Company_Details]
and how to add attachment to the campaign
and 1 more thing tracking isn't working how to add the cname for it
@Ali505 - Please take your time to get familiar with the app. It takes a bit but it worth it.
We also have a great KB at https://kb.mailwizz.com and this forum which you can search. Also, in the app, there is a search functionality which searches everywhere, which is just awesome.

how to stop the force [Company_Details]
and how to add attachment to the campaign
1 more thing tracking isn't working how to add the cname for it
Cnames are DNS records. I advise you to read a bit about this.
I did the same thing for attachment it still doesn't work, the size is 80kb attachment .doc file
and for the Tracking what is the record for the Cname for example mailwizzdomain.live/mailer ?
It shows that the document uploaded in the upload box but when i send the mail it sends without an attachment.
That's the first time i faced that problem, I was using mail marketing software for 8 years that's the first mail software sends without an attachment.
@Ali505 - Are you sure the file was attached? Did you go back after upload and make sure the file got saved?
We're very very picky when it comes to attachments, this is why you have to do extra work to make sure only the right files are attached.