I've got blacklisted because of the speed feature :/ :@ HELP!

@Ali505 - Those are good settings which will not get you in troubles for sending speed because 60 emails per minute is just super slow.
What you might want to add to your delivery server settings, is a pause of one second maybe between the sends, you have a field for that, so insert 1000000 there for 1 sec pause.
This for delivery server settings:
Screenshot 2019-06-17 23.00.54.png

This for cron delivery settings:
Screenshot 2019-06-17 23.02.02.png

Best is also to send just one campaign and wait for it to finish then send another one, if you want to stay in those settings.
@henkedk I'm really tired of asking for help everyday and no one helps im new to mailwizz i bought it before 1 or 2 months untill now i didn't sent any campaign successfully every single campaign i send it stuck at 1k it sends 1k from 50k always stucking on 1k or 2k
Your issue is not related to Mailwizz. It's about your SMTP.
What is the MTA that you use ? ( Postfix / Exim / PMTA ? )
What is the blacklist that you got listed ? Spamhaus ?