Issues on campaign reporting

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I dunno if this is the right section to post this thread. I apologize if it's not the right one.

I have noticed the total number of Unsubscribe on the campaign is less then the Clicked Link ([DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]) though it's a 1-Click Unsubscribe. the number of clicks on this link [DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] should the same as the Unsubscribe. but there's a different on my campaigns.

Same goes for [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL]. I got 10 clicks on [CAMPAIGN_REPORT_ABUSE_URL] and 0 Abuse Report (this one could make some since because the have to submit the report.)

Even some times I got a feedback from the subscribers saying that could not opt out (Unsubscribe)
and some other say they clicked on the unsubscribe link but they're still receiving emails.

Have you guys faced this issues before. How I can fix it, as it's very important to keep the unsubscribe the unsubscribes.

Please help me out.


Please check the attached image.

Maybe they resubscribed (that also is a one click action from unsub page) ?
Please note that clicks will continue registering even if the subscriber has been unsubscribed, so this also can be a reason.