Issue with remote content and recurring campaign

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Hi Guys,

we use the function [REMOTE_CONTENT url='...'] in combination with a recurring campaign.
The remote content is updated weekly and the campaign will be sent every week.

Our problem is the step when the content is fetched. This should be the step, where the recurring campaign will be sent. But it is the step, where the recurring campaign is created.

Consequently the recurring campaign creates the campaign for the next week with the content of the current week.

How can I fix this issue? - i think you might actually hit a cache issue where the content you get is from cache and not fetched from remote yet. What version of the app are you using now ?
@twisted1919 - we use the version 1.5.7 - the latest I guess. Cache is disabled on both servers (where the content is fetched from and the mailwizz server).
@twisted1919 - At the moment where the campaign for the current week is send, the system creates the campaign for the next week automatically. The remote content for the campaign next week is fetched at this moment too. This should happen when the campaign is send and not created. - i have just checked this and the content is parsed at send time, not before, not when the campaign is copied.
So there must be something else going on. Tell me, when the campaign reschedules for the next week, can you try to update it and check the campaign template, is it the same as it was in the initial campaign ?