Issue with bounce rate



We are facing an issue with bounce rate. Yesterday we sent a campaign to 296.620 subscribers and the bounce rate was 0%. Suspicious enough, I conducted some tests on my own. I tried to send some campaigns to invalid mail addresses and the bounce rate again was 0%.

We are sending via mailgun api and mailgun reports that the mail addresses of my tests are indeed invalid. Then why do I get bounce rate 0%? Keep in mind that I conducted some of the tests using exactly the same api and delivery servers through which the bounce rate was working properly until the day before yesterday.

Also note that we do not get any error in apache logs and the cron jobs are running properly.

In the section “Emergency Actions”, in “Bounce servers” option we selected “Change the status of stuck bounce servers from cron-running to active!”

We are using the version of the mail platform.

The previous days everything was working fine.

Could you please help us pinpoint the reason why this problem occurred and find a way to fix it?
@Lazaros - You don't need bounce servers with mailgun if you're using mailgun web api, which seems to be the case.
Look into your mailgun dashboard into the webhooks section and see what webhooks are registered and try to trigger some test sending from mailgun to those webhooks and see what they reply.