issue to validate server


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Good day to all
I need help
I put the script on the server
Setup went fine
but there was a problem
add your server configured to exim
and I get this error

++ Swift_SmtpTransport started
>> MAIL FROM: <>
<< 550 Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821 4.1.3)
!! Expected response code 250 but got code "550", with message "550 Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821 4.1.3)

the problem occurs on a server that is installed as the script if you send directly to the VPS server then sends all

I can not understand where the correct HELLO

Thanks in advance for your help
Contact your host and have them add reverse DNS records for all your ip addresses.
Or edit exim configuration and make it not require valid rdns on helo/ehlo commands.
thanks for the answer

may suggest that the fix in exim
I put it as standard
bash --force
and then I add the domain
mailing address (set dkim domain spf + all)

there are some nuances that I do not know
if you can help I would be very grateful for your help

When a remote host connects to Exim in order to send mail, the only information Exim has about the host’s identity is its IP address. The next configuration line,

host_lookup = *

specifies that Exim should do a reverse DNS lookup on all incoming connections, in order to get a host name. This improves the quality of the logging information, but if you feel it is too expensive, you can remove it entirely, or restrict the lookup to hosts on “nearby” networks. Note that it is not always possible to find a host name from an IP address, because not all DNS reverse zones are maintained, and sometimes DNS servers are unreachable.

So edit your exm configuration file, comment out that line, and restart exim.
It does not resolve
out such a mistake that I wrote earlier
just I tried to enter mail account
no result
not working but produces other error

Connection could not be established with host [# 0]
Log data:
++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport
!! Connection could not be established with host [# 0]
Login via ssh and try to telnet 25 and see if it connects, i have a hunch that it doesn't.
omail:~# telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ESMTP ready

but sender server not validate
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I have no idea how that service works, but i still think your connection is blocked.
Either on your server, or on the remote server.
Use telnet from your server to connect on the smtp server on the right port. If you cannot do that, then you have a firewall in place and you need to remove it. If you can, then you should talk to your smtp provider to see what's wrong.
initial data such
I bought a server and domain from the same provider
Server installed Debian 7
installed license mailwizz
vps purchased separately and configured to vesta not validated for sending
due tems that server running mailwizz substitutes instead HELLO HELLO your VPS server to send emails
if my VPS server used in any other program such as AMS
it works properly
P.S. I persuaded a friend to buy mailwizz and he uses another provider servers and he had the exact problem with takayazhe validation server
All i can tell you is that mailwizz has absolutely no problem in connecting to any smtp server given that there is no firewall in between.
I mean, think a bit, there are lots of people using mailwizz just fine, if this was an issue, nobody could use the app...
Did you check what i told you to check?

I don't know what vestacp is, most likely something like cpanel, and if it install installs apache / php / mysql from it's own repos, then that might cause issues because there might be packages compiled without all needed extensions/modules/etc.

If there's something i can help with and relates to mailwizz, i'll be glad to do it :)
I am using linode and installed centos + apache + php 5.6.9(from remi's repo).
I have also had good results following this tutorial: and installing mariadb as shown here

I think you should avoid using any control panel, you don't need one anyway.
If you also want to install a mail server on your host, then i suggest you install iredmail ( ) instead of all the above.
Iredmail comes with apache/nginx and php so after you install iredmail, you just throw mailwizz in /var/www/html and you are ready to go.
the problem with the addition of servers managed to solve
crowns an all add
server validate bousce server added
but the test mailing is not sent
how to understand the reason for not sending?
Did you add the cron jobs shown in the above screenshot into your server ? If so, can you show a screenshot with them?
You said the test email is not sent. Do you get any error?